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Canyon View Properties manages and operates only Canyon View Capital owned properties. With the corporate office located in Santa Cruz, Canyon View Capital and Canyon View Properties own and manage over 7,000 units with 35+ properties spread throughout our regions as of 2023. We currently focus on locations in 4 heartland states that are within driving distance of each of our regional hubs, giving us hands-on involvement and high-level oversight from our regional leadership teams. We hire incredible employees who are high performing, tenured, knowledgeable people that are spread across the heartland.

Rendering property at Canyon View Properties in Santa Cruz, California

Vertically Integrated

Canyon View stands as a fully integrated force in Multi-Family Real Estate, meticulously overseeing every facet of the process. This commitment ensures unparalleled quality for our valued investors, dedicated employees, and esteemed partners. At Canyon View Properties, exclusive management is reserved for properties under Canyon View Capital ownership, guaranteeing meticulous attention.

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